Port of Seattle Business Accelerator Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to the 2022 Port of Seattle Business Accelerator Cohort Associates for completing the learning and development program!
Special thanks to Mian Rice, Emily Ho, Tina Boyd and the rest of the Port of Seattle staff for hosting such a great event. Alongside the Port of Seattle, the Council recognized the graduates with certificates of completion for participating and finishing the program. Collectively, the cohort averaged an attendance rate of 89.5%. Not including the 33 hours of education, the associates spent countless hours prepping and working with mentors to further their learning experience.
Congratulations to the following cohort associates:
Marcus Cola – Apex Electrical Group, LLC
Tony Puloka – 3 Guys Construction, LLC
Abigail McDowell – Your Home Concierge
Ato Apiafi – Ato Apiafi Architects, PLLC
Sharon Maxwell – Bratton Construction Company
Tricia Lewis – Pacific Rim Environmental, Inc.
Lisa Keohokalole-Schauer – Point North Consulting, Inc.
Edward Byers – ONIT Management Consulting
Marilee Hanks – KNOT Landscape Architecture
Venky Ramakrishnan – Sigma Consultants
Dexter Turner – OpConnect, Inc.
Delton Johnson – Bubbers, LLC
David Molina – Molina Construction Company


The ceremony included warm words from Mian Rice, Emily Ho, Fernando Martinez and Commissioner Ryan Calkins of the Port of Seattle. During the ceremony, the audience enjoyed virtual testimonies from each of the associates. The testimonies detailed their experience in the program and what they’ve been able to put in place as a part of their business model thus far. The 19 learning and development sessions highlighted various discussions that allowed the associates to comprehend and make progress towards new contracting opportunites.
The Council thanks everyone involved for making this a great opportunity for all!