The Northwest Mountain MSDC Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

As National Hispanic Heritage Month unfolds, we embrace the rich history and the impact of Hispanic culture that has made its presence felt in our region. This month isn’t just a time to commemorate traditions and heritage, but also an opportunity to recognize the incredible contributions of our Hispanic Minority Business Enterprises to our economy.

The Northwest Mountain MSDC takes pride in our certified Hispanic MBEs. Their dedication, innovation, and growth have not only driven their businesses but have also significantly improved the economic landscape. They are a driving force behind growth, job creation, and innovation in our communities. In 2022, our Hispanic MBEs generated nearly $1 billion in revenue, leading to new opportunities and the employment of millions of individuals across the Pacific Northwest Region. Their success not only inspire but also highlight the potential that diversity and inclusion bring to the marketplace.

Join us in celebrating these inspiring achievements during Hispanic Heritage Month, and explore a comprehensive list of Certified Hispanic MBEs within the region HERE.