Strategic Communication for Sales Course @ Online
Sep 13 @ 2:00 pm – Nov 3 @ 4:00 pm

The Northwest Mountain MSDC presents an intensive 8 week training program taught virtually by Shawn Channell, Founder of Just Launch Training & Consulting. This program is designed for those seeking to grow their sales expertise and gain strategies they can implement immediately to increase client acquisition, grow business and maintain a competitive advantage. This program is offered by the Council at no cost to Certified MBEs and Technical Assistance Services enrollees.

For information about the course theory and structure, and about the instructor, please view this document.

This event will be presented online and the group will meet weekly on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 2pm-4pm Pacific Time. If participants must miss a session they will be able to catch up on materials.

Business Plan Builder Program @ Online
Oct 18 @ 2:00 pm – Dec 17 @ 2:00 pm
Business Plan Builder Program @ Online

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, running a business can often feel like your business is running you. Most business owners create a business plan once and leave it to sit on a shelf gathering dust. Whether you have a business plan written or not, the Small & Minority Business Plan Builder course will teach you the five elements of an effective business and help you create (or update) your very own business plan. When you complete this course, you’ll have additional clarity on how your business runs, and you will be prepared to take action to grow your top line revenue and bottom-line profits without feeling overwhelmed. In addition to helping you write the specific information you need to include in your business plan, the course teaches marketing and communications strategies, best practices for business from finance to client acquisition, and even mindset shifts to help you be an effective business operator.

The course is divided into five modules: people, product, market, finances, and delivery.

  • In module 1, you will define the #1 problem to solve and develop a framework for communicating how your business’ unique solution is the best choice for your ideal client.
  • By the end of module 2, you will create or update the core products or services that your business offers and develop an effective way to share what makes your solution unique in the marketplace.
  • In module 3, you will review two different ways to conduct market research, learn how to generate word-of-mouth to reach more clients, and identify partners and supporters to boost your business’ growth.
  • In module 4, you will review three core areas where every business owner needs to focus their attention: budgeting, forecasting, and taxes. The course uncovers the hidden costs of business and teaches how to position your business as a consultant rather than a commodity.
  • In module 5, you will complete your client lifecycle and develop strategies to bring your solution to market. You will discover the easiest way to grow your business and wrap up the course with a product distribution plan.

This course includes these five modules which are all recorded video. Next to each module’s video you will find a transcript of that lesson and a PDF workbook that you can complete on your computer or print and write in. Each week Trio Group Creative Director Ricardo Ibarra will hold a one-hour coaching session where he will answer questions from students and facilitate discussion on each week’s lessons.

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