Celebrating Native American & Alaska Native Heritage Month

The Northwest Mountain MSDC proudly celebrates Native American & Alaska Native Heritage Month in November. We honor the cultures, achievements, and contributions of Native Americans & Alaska Natives throughout history, and recognize the individuals who continue to impact their communities and inspire others.

We are pleased to highlight the more than 90 Native owned certified MBEs who are making great contributions to the economic development and strength of our region and their communities, as well as impacting and empowering their employees and their families. Continue reading to view MBEs in each industry and visit any business website.

Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Facilities and Maintenance

ADM Construction Group Inc.

(253) 691-0555

Apollo, Inc. 

(509) 586-1104

Apollo Mechanical Contractors 

(509) 586-1104

Arctic Testing & Inspection Inc.

(281) 456-8300

ASRC Consulting & Environmental Services, LLC

(907) 339-6200

Brad Cole Construction Company, Incorporated

(770) 834-4681


(435) 867-0604

Chugach Alaska Services, LLC

(907) 563-8866

Cougar Den, Inc.

(509) 874-2181

D. Zelinsky & Sons, Inc.

(510) 215-5253

D2 (Squared) Industrial Services, LLC

(541) 664-3010

Decorating and Coating Applications, LLC

(770) 451-6433

Environmental Quality Management, Inc.

(513) 825-7500

EQM Services, LLC

(513) 825-7500

F.D. Thomas, Inc.

(541) 664-3010

FDT Structural Specialties, LLC

(415) 242-1164

FDT Water Infrastructure, LLC

(541) 664-3010

Gana-A’Yoo Services Corporation

(907) 569-9599

Glacier Electric Construction, Inc.

(907) 398-0116

Heide & Cook

(907) 677-5252

Herman Construction Group, Inc.

(858) 277-7100

Highmark Concrete Contractors, LLC

(360) 829-5189

Hudspeth & Associates, Inc

(303) 791-5562

Johansen Construction Company, LLC

(360) 829-6493

K2 Industrial Services, Inc.

(219) 933-1100

Kaiyuh Services, LLC

(907) 569-9599

KM Industrial Services, Inc.

(562) 786-6200

Kuna Engineering, LLC

(907) 339-6500

M.P.P. Piping, Inc.

(503) 394-3067

Mansfield Industrial, Inc.

(850) 477-6437

Mavo Systems, Inc.



(907) 892-9803

NANA Management Services, LLC

(907) 273-2400

National Environmental Group, LLC

(810) 736-7911

Niles Construction Services, Inc.

(810) 238-9100

North Wind, Inc. Portage & Site Services

(208) 528-8718

Northwest Demolition and Dismantling, Inc.

(503) 638-6900

Panhandle Power Solutions LLC

(850) 424-5782

Pegasus Aviation Services, LLC

(907) 245-0769

Sealaska Technical Services, LLC

(509) 392-4156

Six Mile, LLC

(907) 569-9599

Sundancer Electric Inc.

(253) 398-2999


(703) 766-6772

TDX Quality, LLC

(907) 762-8447


(251) 445-2388

W.E. Given Contracting, Inc.

(503) 655-3662


Sxnqels L Suwecm – Ksulilmumal Akalmukwaits Inc.

(406) 883-1113

Food Industry

Bristol Wild Seafood Company, LLC

(425) 314-7093

Orca Bay Foods, LLC


1st Choice Logistics, LLC

(208) 226-9975

Olgoonik Logistics, LLC

(907) 562-8728

Professional Services

Cayuse Shared Services, LLC

(541) 278-8200

Color Graphics Screenprinting

(360) 352-3970

Doyon Anvil, LLC

(907) 276-2747

Evergreen Professional Recoveries, Inc.

(425) 939-1280

IPS, Inc.

(907) 242-2075

Khotol Services Corporation

(907) 569-9599

LBYD Federal, LLC

(208) 528-8718

Momentum Procurement Group, Inc.

(503) 597-2007

NMS Security Corporation

(907) 273-2400

Nvelup Consulting, Inc

(425) 285-7005

PetroCard, Inc

(800) 950-3835

Professional Computing Resources, Inc.

(616) 259-9242

Quinault Solutions

(360) 986-0211

Radiant Logistics Partners, LLC

(425) 943-4599

RSI Services, LLC

(865) 297-4900

SAVA Workforce Solutions, LLC

(703) 766-6772

Strategic Initial Outfitting Transition Solutions, LLC

(847) 278-2151

Suh’dutsing Staffing Services & Telecom Services

(435) 867-0604

TDX Global Solutions, LLC

(856) 467-1213

TRIO Business Solutions, Inc

(206) 728-8181


(703) 766-7720



Affigent, LLC

(866) 977-8524

Blueprint Technologies, LLC

(206) 455-8326

Cayuse Technologies, LLC

(541) 278-8200

Open Systems Technologies DE, LLC

(616) 574-3500

Suh’dutsing Technologies, LLC

(435) 867-0604

TKC Global Solutions, LLC

(703) 766-6260

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

The Northwest Mountain MSDC proudly celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month. We honor the achievements, sacrifices, and contributions of Hispanic Americans throughout history, and recognize the individuals who continue to impact their communities and inspire others.

We are pleased to highlight the more than 70 Hispanic American owned certified MBEs who are making great contributions to the economic development and strength of our region and their communities, as well as impacting and empowering their employees and their families. Continue reading to explore MBEs in each industry and visit any business website.

Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Facilities and Maintenance

Datum Construction LLC

Meridian, Idaho

(208) 377-3099

Moonshine Commercial Cleaning Services

Idaho Falls, Idaho

(208) 313-4301

Columbia River Electric Maintenance Inc

Umatilla, Oregon

(541) 922-5192

Marvel Construction LLC

Beaverton, Oregon

(503) 602-9044

McRobert Motor Co

Gresham, Oregon

(503) 665-0101

Nexus Electrical Group LLC

Beaverton, Oregon

(503) 453-9179

The Harver Company

Wilsonville, Oregon

(503) 624-1453

C/K Aerospace, PLLC

Millcreek, Utah

(425) 417-3529

Ecobrite Services, LLC

Vineyard, Utah

(801) 857-2300

EnviroKleen L.L.C.

Salt Lake City, Utah

(801) 466-3254

Fix & Finish LLC

Salt Lake City, Utah

(801) 266-3361

Hennessy Construction Inc.

Salt Lake City, Utah

(801) 363-3717

M Squared Inc.

West Haven, Utah

(801) 633-1374

Property Condition Assessments, LLC

Kamas, Utah

(626) 685-9560

The Service Force Group LLC

Salt Lake City, Utah

(801) 990-2953

Electrical Surplus Distribution LLC

Monroe, Washington

(425) 419-4167

Havana Rosario LLC

Seattle, Washington

(206) 719-6247

Land Development Consultants, Inc.

Woodinville, Washington

(425) 806-1869

Lugo Inc.

Seattle, Washington

(206) 583-2333

Magellan Associates PLLC

Redmond, Washington

(425) 885-4300

Northwest Contract Services, Inc.

Auburn, Washington

(206) 686-0099


Seattle, Washington

(206) 853-9612

Preferred Industrial Electric LLC.

Kennewick, Washington

(509) 439-1266

Randall Enterprises, Inc.

Aberdeen, Washington

(360) 537-9800

Salus Architecture Incorporated

Seattle, Washington

(206) 652-0722



GreenerVolts, LLC 

Salt Lake City, Utah

(240) 357-2333

Magic Cleaning Corp 

Draper, Utah

(801) 916-8089


Food Industry

Brazilian Specialty Coffees, LLC 

Portland, Oregon

(503) 719-6605

Cerveza Zolupez Beer Company

Ogden, Utah

(801) 917-2319

Salsa Queen LLC 

West Valley City, Utah

(801) 307-8336

Sir Walter Candy Co. 

Salt Lake City, Utah

(801) 463-1541

Alvarez Farms  

Grandview, Washington

(509) 786-9198

Little Rae’s Bakery

Seattle, Washington

(206) 658-2167

Schutte Farms, Inc

Othello, Washington

(509) 488-3146




Happy Valley, Oregon

(503) 328-9510

AGB Trucking LLC 

Othello, Washington

(509) 331-5363

VETrans, LLC 

Milton, Washington

(253) 833-4688


Professional Services


Laguna Nigel, California

(949) 274-8872

OnCall Discovery 

Preston, Idaho        

(800) 242-7338

Bustos Media Holdings, LLC

Portland, Oregon

(503) 233-5280

TRI Corporation

Portland, Oregon

(503) 781-1500


Salt Lake City, Utah

(801) 355-3775

Thornhill Holdings, Inc.

Salt Lake City, Utah

(801) 949-1376

U.S. Translation Company 

Salt Lake City, Utah

(801) 456-8663

Audienz LLC      

Seattle, Washington

(800) 457-3335

Bullpen Consulting Group, Inc. 

Woodinville, Washington

(206) 650-9589

Con Cultura, LLC

Seattle, Washington

(240) 350-3115

Dynamic Language Center, Ltd 

Tukwila, Washington

(206) 244-6709

Elev8 Consulting

Seattle, Washington

(206) 886-3860

Filmateria Studios

Seattle, Washington

(206) 938-7691

Hinge, LLC

Newcastle, Washington

(206) 714-8008

L Z, Inc DBA Lasting Impressions 

Snoqualmie, Washington

(206) 427-8648

RafaBruno Enterprises, LLC

Algona, Washington

(253) 653-4645

Red Door Collaborative, LLC 

Bellevue, Washington

(719) 611-6141

Tamazari Inc 

Colville, Washington

(206) 697-1984

VIAR Visual Communications Inc.

Seattle, Washington

(206) 886-3860

Lynesca Ventures, LLC  

Sheridan, Wyoming

(307) 214-2317



Sunmark Seeds International Inc

Portland, Oregon

(503) 241-7333

American Paper Converting, Inc.

Woodland, Washington

(360) 225-0488

Mairos, Inc.

Redmond, Washington

(425) 869-7555

Memories Unlimited, Inc

Olympia, Washington

(360) 491-9819

Oat Mama LLC 

Seattle, Washington

(415) 513-6733

OI Forest Products, Inc 

Fall City, Washington

(425) 441-8088


Bothell, Wasington

(800) 220-7183

Sustain One, LLC

Woodland, Washington

(360) 225-0488



ELYON International, Inc. 

Vancouver, Washington

(360) 696-5892

FMM Ventures LLC

Bellevue, Washington

(206) 456-5138 

Nomad Partner Group LLC

Woodinville, Washington

(206) 992-0884

Redapt, Inc.

Woodinville, Washington

(425) 605-7109

TripleNet Technologies, Inc. 

Seattle, Washington

(206) 354-5648

FinTrust Search Group LLC

Sheridan, Wyoming

(786) 506-5857

25th Annual Scholarship Fundraiser Wrap Up

On September 2nd, 2021 the Council celebrated a quarter century supporting continuing education for MBEs at the Annual Scholarship Fundraiser & Silent Auction. This also marked the first live event held since December 2019! The event raised $13,246 for the scholarship fund! 

Congratulations to all our tournament, auction and raffle winners including:

1st Place: Team PromoShop
2nd Place: Team Greater Pacific Industries
3rd Place: Team Trio Group

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors, auction contributors and guests! Photos from the event are available to view below (click to enlarge).

3 Ways Your Business Plan Can Help You Make More Money (Without Going Crazy)

Ricardo Ibarra of Trio Group discusses how a well-crafted business plan can take your small business to new heights.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlmu6sKgmzM[/embedyt]


· “Without an effective business plan, your business is like a ship leaving the harbor without a map. It’s easy to get thrown off course by the currents of busy work or distracted by islands in the sea and their promise of riches.”

· Ready to grow your business? In this video, learn why it’s important to use your business plan instead of forgetting it on a shelf.

· “‘Shiny object syndrome’ affects business owners more than most. The key is to evaluate those business opportunities through the lens of your business plan and the strategic direction it sets.”

· Start now to refresh or write your business plan so you have a strategic guide to growing and scaling your business.

· Watch the video to get the full training. · Not sure how to fix your business? Download the FREE Small & Minority Business Checkup for the 10 questions you must ask to help you get your business back on track and thriving.

Video Transcript 

Many small business owners think of their business plan as something they only need when applying for a bank loan. Those same business owners are missing out on an incredible opportunity for growth. That’s because your business plan is the roadmap for your business success.

Without an effective business plan, your business is like a ship leaving the harbor without a map. It’s easy to get thrown off course by the currents of busy work or distracted by islands in the sea and their promise of riches. What the most successful small business operators know is that by sticking to their well-crafted business plan and executing only the mission-critical activities, they can grow and scale without all the headache and overwhelm that comes from winging it. Plus, if you’re like me and are a business leader who didn’t go to business school, chances are you’re learning as you’re leading. Take a moment to congratulate yourself for all the success you’ve enjoyed up to this point. Let’s agree that operating a business is tough work and the fact that you’re here demonstrates your commitment to being a great business operator for your clients, your employees, and of course the people who depend on you.

Even for the folks who do have business degrees or formal training, operating a business is always a learning experience because the real world is a lot messier and has far more twists and turns than any textbook or course. No matter where you are on your business journey or what your level of expertise, your business plan is the first step in taking your business to the next level. Now that you understand how important it is to have and reference your business plan, let’s dive into the three ways your business plan can help you make more money without going crazy.

Number one. Your business plan eliminates the guesswork of day-to-day operations. That’s because at its core a business plan is a strategic document that outlines the direction of your company. The very act of writing a business plan forces you to say yes to some things and no to others.

When my principals at Trio Group and I made the decision to focus on serving only two core audiences, public agencies and disadvantaged small businesses, our business took off! That’s because before, we weren’t really known for anything. We were Jacks and Jills of all trades, but because we were trying to be helpful to everyone, we never stood out. Now that we’ve narrowed the focus of who we serve to just public agencies and small disadvantaged businesses, we’re known for that. People immediately understand how we can help them solve their problems.

Here’s how this looks in action. Take some time to review your business plan and create a “yes and no list.” Does your business plan clearly outline the people, opportunities, markets, and products or services you are saying “YES” to? Does it also outline who and what you are saying “NO” to?

For those of you who may not have a business plan right now, or your plan is too old to be helpful, don’t worry. I’ve created a free business checkup tool to help you evaluate the strength and effectiveness of your business. You can download it free by clicking the link below.

Number two. Your business plan helps you identify partnerships and supporters to boost your business growth. As your business grows and you meet new people, you’ll be presented with lots of opportunities. This can be a blessing or a curse. Have you ever said yes to an opportunity only to realize it wasn’t as lucrative as you had hoped? Or, did you chase the new opportunity at the expense of becoming masterful at your own core offering? “Shiny object syndrome” affects business owners more than most. The key is to evaluate those business opportunities through the lens of your business plan and the strategic direction it sets. I recently had the pleasure of working with a small business owner who was in the IT staffing space. His company’s expertise is in Microsoft Azure and related cloud computing. Because of his network and success, he was approached by another firm who asked if he could provide staffing services for administrative support. After careful consideration, this small business owner chose to turn down the opportunity because he wants his company to be known as the Pacific Northwest’s best IT staffing firm. Without the clarity of who his business serves, he would have said yes to the opportunity and simultaneously taken his attention away from his core value proposition.

On the other hand, well-formed partnerships can dramatically grow your business by exposing your offering to new customers, a new geographic area, or greatly reduce the costs of doing business. Here are three ways to evaluate potential partnership opportunities:

The first is internal alignment. Why are you pursuing this opportunity? What is the need or desire behind seeking the partnership? The second is strategic alignment. What are the goals, objectives, and ideal outcomes for the partnership? The final is the partnership structure. Who manages, what does each partner contribute, and how do the partners benefit? The third way your business plan can help you make more money is understanding your business finances and what to watch. I know that money isn’t most peoples’ favorite topic but it’s a key component of your business plan. By going through the exercise of identifying your financial goals and writing your budget, you’ll be better prepared to run a successful business than most other small business owners. That’s because many operators would rather avoid the sticky subject of money than approach it with a calm, rational plan. Plus, a business plan can help you prepare for your business growth and point out hidden areas where your business may be costing you.

So there you have it. Three ways your business plan can help your business grow without feeling overwhelmed. Your business plan should be a living, breathing document that guides your day to day operations, help you identify partnerships and supporters, and paint a clear and compelling financial future for your business. If you’ve recognized that you need to boost your business with a more effective plan, be sure to check out the free Small & Minority Business Checkup tool, available at the link.

About the TAS Program

The City of Seattle and Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council (Northwest Mountain MSDC) have partnered in the development and launch of the City of Seattle’s Technical Assistance Services program. This program is designed to support small businesses in the development of their capabilities thereby making them more competitive.

This program is sponsored by the City of Seattle and hosted by the Northwest Mountain MSDC. For more information, visit the TAS webpage.

About the Presenter

Ricardo Ibarra combines over 15 years of marketing and business experience to help small and minority-owned businesses thrive in today’s digital economy. Combining his signature energetic style with the latest marketing strategies, Ricardo has helped dozens of small and disadvantaged business enterprises reach new clients, launch new products, and gain a sense of confidence as they grow their business.

Business Conference Wrap Up

On Thursday June 17th the Northwest Mountain MSDC held the third and final part of the 2021 Business Conference, held virtually. The Council was grateful to host two industry leaders and MBEs to speak on their experience.

Carmen Nazario, President and Founder of Elyon International, shared her journey from learning English when her family moved to the United States, to joining the US Army and gaining experience in Information Technology, and then gaining experience in civil industries and how the inspiration for Elyon International was born.

Dicran ‘D’ Arnold, Area Vice President for Business Development at World Wide Technology, also joined to speak on his decades of experience growing as an MBE, and offering valuable advice and insight on building your company, finding opportunities through relationship building and lifting up your peers.

In Council news and updates, President & CEO Fernando Martinez presented survey data collected from Council Members and MBEs regarding their attitudes towards the reopening of the economy, and discussed insights from the data. These charts are available to view in the conference presentation, linked below.

The Council is grateful to all those that attended each part of the Business Conference this year, and we thank our event sponsor T-Mobile and all our annual sponsors who make our work possible.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be returning to live events for the final events of the year, while still offering virtual options for those events. Stay tuned for more event announcements coming soon!

View Presentation Slides

Letter from the President: Mental Health Resources

Dear Members, MBEs, Friends, and Colleagues,

The past year has put great stress on our collective mental health, worsening an already serious health and economic crisis. At the Council, caring for the health and wellbeing of our MBEs, members, staff and friends is deeply woven into our core values and goal of serving our community. We firmly believe that mental health should be valued, cared for and treated equally alongside our physical health.

Beyond the affect mental health has on individuals, it also has a significant impact on business. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that depression and anxiety cost the global economy $1 trillion per year in lost productivity. People who are grappling with anxiety, depression, grief, or trauma are not able to show up as their best self anywhere, and this includes the workplace. But WHO also found that for every $1 spent on treating common mental health concerns, there is a return of $4 in improved health and productivity.

In our commitment to deliver value to our Members and MBEs, we have compiled a list of mental health resources available to share with your teams, and best practices around employee mental health. While this list is not exhaustive, some key points to consider when building a strong workplace mental health plan include:

  • Health insurance benefits that offer good mental health coverage. If you are not familiar with how your employee health plan performs in this area, we encourage you to research it.
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). An EPA is a voluntary, work-based program that offers free and confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services to employees who have personal and/or work-related problems.
  • Open communication and a pro-mental health culture. Talk about mental health openly in the workplace and encourage employees to take concrete steps to support their mental health.
  • Mental health education: standard training or onboarding that covers mental health, recognizing signs of stress, and ways to help. This is especially important for managerial roles.
  • Promote wellbeing by offering flexible schedules as possible, spaces dedicated to meditation or quiet, and encouraging vacation time
  • Ensure your leadership models healthy behaviors. A critical part of building a positive culture around mental health is ensuring your own actions as a leader model the behaviors you encourage. Employees who see their supervisor work through all their vacations will feel less comfortable utilizing their own vacation time.

The best approach for each business will vary depending on size, existing structure and environment. Whether you are a sole proprietor or a company of 200, we encourage you to explore resources available to you and your employees, including the enclosed list. After the collective stressors of the Covid-19 pandemic and social injustice upheavals over the past year and a half, note that even as the economy begins to return to pre-pandemic state, our lives and the lives of our teams and families are far from returning to ‘pre-pandemic business as usual.’


Fernando Martinez, President & CEO NWMMSDC

To view and download resources, please click here

Virtual Business Conference Part Two

The Northwest Mountain MSDC hosted part two of its annual Business Conference on Thursday May 20th. This is the second year the Council has hosted the conference virtually, due to the Pandemic.

It was a successful morning of networking between MBEs and Corporate/Public Agency Members. Large group conversations included topics around reopening of the regional economy, struggles during the pandemic and forecasting future market demands as states reopen. Each participant also attended a full slate of one-on-one meetings and roundtables designed to connect them with other MBEs and members well suited to their current goals. The Council is appreciative of all those who shared valuable advice and is glad to see many new connects formed!

The third and final part of the conference will be held on Thursday June 17th.

Port of Seattle VendorConnect

The Port of Seattle has debuted a new online system called VendorConnect. VendorConnect is the Port of Seattle’s procurement and contract information database.

With VendorConnect you can:
• Access a one-stop resource for construction projects, consulting services, and goods and services
• Reach Port buyers and procurement specialists
• Receive emails about Port events and business opportunities
• Search vendors and view the event calendar
• Learn current and future purchasing strategies
• Market your business to Port staff and external businesses, including primes seeking
businesses to partner with on upcoming contracts

To begin, you must register yourself and then find or add your business. If you were in the old system, and this is your first time logging in you must recreate your login account.

Click here to view the VendorConnect dashboard

For instructions on how to log in or register for VendorConnect see this Port of Seattle guide.

King County Pro-Equity Contracting Executive Order

Yesterday our President and CEO, Fernando Martinez, joined other leaders in supporting King County Executive Dow Constantine’s announcement of an executive order demonstrating the county’s commitment to pro-equity contracting and formalize the actions that King County will take to increase the participation of minority- and women-owned small businesses (MWBEs) in county contracts.

Fernando’s letter of support on behalf of the NWMMSDC can be read in full here.

The recording of the press conference announcing the Executive Order is available to watch here.

American Home Builders RFP for KINECT @ Burien Project

American Home Builders invites you to submit a proposal for the KINECT @ Burien project located in Burien, WA. It is important that you review the bid documents carefully. The responses will be the criteria used for the selection of the successful project candidates.

Please see opportunity attached for more information: