NWMMSDC Value Proposition

The Council developed six value propositions focusing on its stakeholders’ needs. Led by President and CEO, Fernando Martinez, the team prioritizes the needs of all stakeholders of the NWMMSDC.

Watch Fernando discuss the Council’s value at the Leadership and Advocacy Awards Luncheon.


NMSDC Value Propositions:

The NMSDC believes our Corporate Members will bolster and execute their business strategy in a cost effective, innovative, creative, efficient, and, therefore profitable manner through active participation and integration of qualified, capable, and scalable MBEs (Minority Business Enterprises) into their supply chain resulting in a higher probability of MBE development and growth, thereby driving economic value to our various communities.

Corporate Member Value Proposition:

The NMSDC believes our Member organizations will be able to more cost effectively drive creativity, innovation and efficiency by integrating Council Certified Minority Business Enterprises into their supply chain, thereby delivering best-in-class service to their customer base while simultaneously improving the communities within which they operate, achieving improved community wealth, health, and education.   

MBE Value Proposition:

The Northwest Mountain MSDC (Council) provides business opportunities to Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) looking to expand their professional network. The Council hosts connects and coaches MBEs to a standard required to work with large private corporations and public agencies. With active participation, MBEs can take advantage of the Council’s support and with time, develop into businesses capable of national contracts.

Regional Council Value Proposition:

The Northwest Mountain MSDC commits to share resources, opportunities, and processes to support affiliate councils in order to increase the NMSDC network’s overall ability to better serve its regional/national members, Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and communities. Engaging in this process will increase the possibility of delivering a consistent level of output across the NMSDC.

Community Value Proposition:

The Northwest Mountain MSDC leads engagement between Minority Business Enterprises and corporate/public agency members enabling active community involvement towards economic growth, job creation, tax base increase and community vibrancy.

Employee Value Proposition:

The Northwest Mountain MSDC (Council) welcomes every employee into its small, unique, and efficient team, where everyone is involved in the working process. Every staff member is encouraged to open his or her potential, contributing to a healthy work environment that is constantly evolving. The Council gives employees opportunities for professional growth and personal development by conducting consistent employment market research, providing competitive rates, evaluating standards and expectations for its employees.

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